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Stop Evaluate and Listen: Giving and Getting Feedback

We are a little over a year into our IMLS grant, Museum Solutions for Tomorrow’s Learners, and have had two process evaluations, which have provided us feedback on how the grant is going. If you’re curious about hearing how this form of evaluation takes shape during the grant process and how we responded to the data and feedback from the findings, then join us for a live video and Twitter chat on Wednesday, December 2, 3:00pm – 3:30pm.

We’ll be hosting this live chat using a software called ZOOM – the initial use of Zoom requires a quick, easy addition of a plug in and is very user friendly once installed. You can also follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #NCMAplan. We look forward to you joining the chat!


NCMA LiveChat Link

Stop Evaluate and Listen: Giving and Getting Feedback


The Power of Play

When you hear the word “play,” what comes to mind? Recess? Board games? Sports? Music? Do you consider play essential to how we learn? Many scientists have been researching the power of play and its effects on our social and emotional growth. NPRed provides a thoughtful article considering Brains at Play: What Do We Know?. It turns out play is essential to generating new ideas, engaging your mind in problem solving, creating passion and curiosity, and most important, developing the skills for social interaction.

On Thursday, November 12, 2015, The Big Picture will be exploring “the power of play” at its annual Educator Expo. Contemporary artist Oliver Herring will organize a TASK party at the Museum to engage our educator audience in the act of play. TASK parties encourage participants to take creative risks and to break down social barriers. Check out this video of a TASK Party organized by the artist in New York City’s Madison Square Park with help from Art21 educators and volunteers.

We hope this event will encourage educators to consider how play can inspire learning in themselves and in their students. And, most important, we hope everyone just has FUN!!!

For those not able to attend, watch for posts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook under #NCMAplay.